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MBBS in Nepal

Studying MBBS in Nepal can be a dream for many students. In fact, it is a good way to become independent and understand the working of the other countries as well. Also, many Indian aspirants who want to take the medical field as a career option might be in a problem if they cannot fight off the competition. Under such circumstances, mbbs in Nepal can be a good idea.
Also, in Indian colleges, the fees would be pretty high. In comparison to that medical college in Nepal can really help you to save your costs. This is because they would offer you affordable fees to do mbbs in Nepal. Nepal is so close to India that the students will not feel that they are in a different country.
The climate, the way of living, and some things are so common that mbbs in Nepal for Indian students would be a very good option. When a student has the good and comfortable environment to study they are sure to perform well. The competition in Indian colleges is quite high. Obviously, under such circumstances, it would be hard to face stiff competition. So, for them to study MBBS in Nepal would be a good way to make their dream come true. You may also want to know about the approval factor in India for mbbs in Nepal.
The best part is that there are many medical institutions in Nepal that have approval from the Indian medical council. The quality of education is quite appreciable in Nepal and this is what makes it a hub for foreign citizens. In fact, for Indian students mbbs in Nepal would be a good way to study in the medical field. Also, there are good relations between India and Nepal.
So, keeping this in mind the Indian students will not need a visa or passport. Also, the documentation will not be too strong. All you need to do is just find a good Nepal medical college and apply for further studies.

Benefits of MBBS in Nepal

Studying in Nepal will prepare you for an international career. With active competition, MBBS Admission in Nepal at lowest package is not easy and preparations need to be done. The country has many reputed institutions for pursuing higher education. All the colleges have hostels to house all the students with standard amenities. English is the medium of instruction. The local community is friendly and accepts foreign students heartily. The weather is pleasant for most part of the year. Various reputed medical colleges provide quality education to aspiring pupils. The curriculum is carefully designed to cater to the international standards. The course duration is of five and a half years.

Common Across Most Medical Campuses Are

● International standard curriculum
● MBBS Admission in Nepal at Low tuition fee
● Scholarships
● Merit-based selection process
● Excellent infrastructure

MBBS/Medical Course in Nepal

● It has four and half years Course. One year internship is compulsory.
● Total Duration is 4 ½ years (Four and half years)-Academy and 1 Year (one year)-internship.

Benefits of MBBS in Nepal 2022-2023

One of the many advantages of getting top rated MBBS universities in nepal for MBBS in Nepal is the excellent curriculum. The program is aimed at producing qualified and caring doctors. The colleges are known for their rigorous and target oriented training. Most colleges in Nepal are affiliated to the Kathmandu University. The colleges have accreditations from the Nepal Medical Council. Choosing the right undergraduate course lays the foundation for better post graduation courses. The MBBS Admission in nepal will give you the correct boost for pursuing master’s MBBS degree in nepal or even PHD.

Any Deserving Indian candidate can get admission in top NMC approved medical colleges in Nepal in the following colleges:

medical college,Biratnagar, Nepal
Universal college of medical science, Bhairwa, Nepal
National medical college, Birgunj, Nepal
Devdaha medical college, Bhutawal, Nepal
Nepalgunj medical college, Nepalgunj
Chitwan medical college, Chitwan, Nepal
Birat medical college and teaching hospital, Biratnagar, Nepal
Manipal college of medical sciences, Pokhara, Nepal


  • Well reputed medical universities in Nepal.
  • Top-class infrastructure for medical studies.
  • MBBS training programs are available in English.
  • Inexpensive tuition fees for medical courses.
  • Universities in Nepal are approved from NMC & WHO.
  • No donation fees and capitation charges.
  • No complication of passing IELTS/TOEFL exams.
  • Hostel and food services provided by the colleges.
  • Practical Internship programs in standard hospitals.
  • Living expenses are the cheapest among Asian countries.

The tuition fee is around 12,000 USD per year. Students can enroll after completion of higher secondary education. Colleges have an entrance test and students are selected on merit. They can intern in reputed hospitals as a part of their course requirement for the 5th year. Some of the professors are leading medical practitioners who impart practical aspects of the medical profession. Employment opportunities are unlimited once the degree is procured. Every foreign student can practice in their countries after completing a screening test conducted by their respective medical boards. Choosing a college, especially to pursue medicine is baffling. Budget is another constraint to keep in mind. We understand the strain attached with the process, especially the paperwork involved. Contact us today to kick start your medical career.


  • ● WHO (World Health Organization) affiliation

  • ● NMC (National Medical Commission) recognition

  • ● Ministry of Education, Nepal, KU, TU, BPKIHS

Admission Criteria

  • ● Students have to complete the age of 17 years on or before 31st December, in order to apply for the particular year for admission to the MBBS course in Nepal.

  • ● 50 % Marks in Each subject like- Physics, Chemistry and Biology in 12th from Recognized Board

Nepal MBBS Fees Structure 2022-2023

Name of Installment Total fee (INR) 1st Installment(INR) 2nd Installment(INR) 3rd Installment(INR) 4th Installment(INR) 5th Installment(INR)
Nepal Medical college Kathamandu 56.25 Lac 18.75 Lac 11.25 Lac 11.25 Lac 11.25 Lac 3.75 Lac
Nobel Medical College, Biratnagar 56.25 Lac 18.75 Lac 11.25 Lac 11.25 Lac 11.25 Lac 3.75 Lac
Kathmandu Medical College, Kathmandu 56.25 Lac 18.75 Lac 11.25 Lac 11.25 Lac 11.25 Lac 3.75 Lac
Manipal College of Medical Sciences, Pokhara USD 75,000 USD 25,000 USD 25,000 USD 18,750 USD 6,250 Done
Lumbini Medical College & Research Center, Palpa 52 Lac 20 Lac 12 Lac 12 Lac 8 Lac Done
Birat Medical College and Teaching Hospital, Biratnagar 48 Lac 20 Lac 11 Lac 11 Lac 6 Lac Done
College of Medical Sciences(COMS),Bharatpur 56.25 Lac 23 Lac 15 Lac 10 Lac 8 Lac Done
Devdaha Medical College and Research Institute , Devdaha 50 Lac 25 Lac 10 Lac 10 Lac 5 Lac Done
School Of Medical Sciences (KUSMS), Kathamandu University Kathamandu 56.25 Lac 18.75 Lac 11.25 Lac 11.25 Lac 11.25 Lac 3.75 Lac
Napalgunj Medical College, Kathamandu University 56.25 Lac 18.75 Lac 11.25 Lac 11.25 Lac 11.25 Lac 3.75 Lac

Admission Process For MBBS in Nepal for Indian Students

● Nepal Medical Commission Conducts an Entrance Exam for MBBS admission in Nepal all affiliated Colleges.
● Exam will be conduct in January 2022.
● Students including Indians must appear and qualify in this exam to get admission in any of these Colleges.
● Colleges are under Tribhuwan University, Kathmandu University and B P Koirala Institute of Health Sciences. Which recognized by WHO and National Medical Commission (India).
● Qualified students will get MBBS admission in Nepal colleges.
● For more details contact our company.

Affiliated With Tribhuban University in Nepal

Name of Installment Total fee (INR) 1st Installment(INR) 2nd Installment(INR) 3rd Installment(INR) 4th Installment(INR) 5th Installment(INR)
Janaki Medical college Jankpur 40 Lac 19 Lac 11 Lac 10 Lac Done Done
Kist Medical College Kathmandu 48 Lac 19.50 Lac 15 Lac 13.50 Lac Done Done
Nepalese Army institute of Health Sciences (NAIHs)Kathamandu 56.25 Lac 18.75 Lac 11.25 Lac 11.25 Lac 11.25 Lac 3.75 Lac
Chitwan Medical College , Bharatpur 48 Lac 19.50 Lac 19.50 Lac 7 Lac 1 Lac 1 Lac
Gandaki Medical college Pokhara 48 Lac 19.50 Lac 10 Lac 8 Lac 8 Lac 2.50 Lac
Universal College of Medical science ,Bhairahawa 56.26 Lac 18.76 Lac 11.25 Lac 11.25 Lac 11.25 Lac 3.75
National Medical College ,Birgunj 56.26 Lac 18.76 Lac 11.25 Lac 11.25 Lac 11.25 Lac 3.75
Institute of Medicine Kathamandu 48 Lac 25 Lac 10 Lac 8 Lac 5 Lac Done

Autonomous College

Name of Installment Total fee (INR) 1st Installment(INR) 2nd Installment(INR) 3rd Installment(INR) 4th Installment(INR) 5th Installment(INR)
B P Koirala Institute of Health Sciences, Dharan 56.67 Lac 19.17 Lac Lac 11.25 Lac 11.25 Lac 11.25 Lac 3.75

Reputed medical institutions at a glance Tribhuvan University and Kathmandu University are the major universities in Nepal. They have many medical colleges affiliated to them. There are other autonomous colleges as well. Some of them are listed below: Institutions affiliated to Tribhuvan University:

Institute of Medicine (IOM), Maharajgunjv
Universal Medical College (UCMS),Bhairawaha
National Medical College (NMC)Birgunj
Janaki Medical College (JMC) , Janakpur
KIST Medical College (KISTMCTH), Imadol
Chitwan Medical College (CMC), Bharatpur
Gandaki Medical College (GMCTHRC), Lekhnath
Nepalese Army Institute of Health Sciences ( NAIHS), Bhandarkhal

Institutions Affiliated to Kathmandu Univeristy

College Of Medical Sciences (CMS), Bharatpur
Nepalgunj Medical College, Chisapani
Kathmandu Medical College (KMC) , in Duwakot and Sinamangal
Nepal Medical College (NMC) ,Jorpati,
KathmanduUniversity School of Medical Sciences (KUSMS), Dhulikhel
Lumbini Medical College (LMC), Tansen
Nobel Medical College, Biratnagar
Manipal Medical College of Medical Sciences (MCOMS)

The colleges conduct a screening test and admission is based on merit. The process is transparent and efficient. The eligibility requirements for getting MBBS admission in Nepal are completion of higher secondary education with biology, physics and chemistry. College facilities are well equipped After getting a study MBBS in Nepal a candidate can learn even from Indian professors who teach in universities. There is an ever-growing demand of skilled doctors all over the world. Medical colleges in Nepal are quality driven and put the students through rigorous training to produce the finest doctors. The infrastructures are advanced as in Indian labs to conduct practical tests. The laboratories are fully equipped with teaching apparatus. Most colleges have separate hostel accommodation for male and female students. Their teaching methodologies are fully accommodative of each student’s capabilities. The opportunities for pursuing a career after education are abundant anywhere in the world. Nepalese medical degrees recognized in India Many students study in best medical colleges in Nepal for getting MBBS degree in nepal and return to India, the local universities are recognized.

● Kathmandu University
● Tribhuvan University
● BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences (BPKIHS)



  • Completed 17 years of age, and Completed 10+2 years of education or Intermediate of Science or equivalent, with English, Biology, Physics and Chemistry as main subjects and he/she must have passed in all the subjects mentioned above, securing not less than 50% of marks in the subjects mentioned above put together and also obtain an aggregate of 50% overall.
  • Completed B.Sc. degree recognized by the university with one of the following subjects viz. Physics, Chemistry, Biology and at least one other prescribed science subject of study up to the ancillary level and he/she should have scored not less than aggregate of 50% marks; provided that such candidate shall have passed the earlier qualifying examination (10+2 or an equivalent examination) with the subjects Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English.
  • Candidate should be qualified under NEET-UG
  • The students must be studied in English medium or at least they had English as a subject.
  • Valid Indian passport and no visa required.
  • Valid NMC certificate.
  • You are not qualified MBBS in Nepal without NEET. You can also participate in Nepal Medical Entrance exam.